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Hi Everyone!

CreativeMornings is this Friday - registration opened up this morning and I just wanted to get a note out to everyone to let you know about all the details - If you have any questions or want to help with anything below please let me know!

If your name is listed below please reply and confirm that you can come, THANK YOU!

SPEAKER: Doc Harrill

VENUE: The Midtown Tech Hive - 6815 Euclid Ave.

EXPECTED HEADCOUNT: 130, Registration open to 150 (about 2/3 full right now)

PARKING: Free Parking is available across the street from the Tech Hive at JUMPSTART. Map attached.

BREAKFAST: Shawnda is preparing, and including treats from Todd Kronika (Vegan Bakery, and Amira Fahmy (Hex Bakery) and Phoenix w/ the caffeine supply - Chantal, let me know if you have any questions!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Dan, Katie? Let me know which of you guys are able to come!

VIDEOGRAPHY: Video Team! Sam, Shannon, and Jay.

MUSIC FEATURE: No music feature this month since there’s likely going to be music performances in the talk.

QUOTE DESIGNER: Meredith Hahn, Prepared and sent to print!

ESPRESSO PITCH: Giveback Hack’s, Pete Grapentien

WAKE UP CALL: David Moss is out this month and Julie Fink will be guest hosting the Wake Up Call Podcast interviews.

PRINT MATERIAL: Jessica Will set up, ready for pick up on Thursday from Jakprints

CHECK IN: Joon-Li is always first to respond :-) there’s room for one or two more at the check-in table.

AV: Using my PA and the portable projector this month

SETUP: Will be setting up chairs, tables and PA from ~4-7pm at the Tech Hive on Thursday. If anyone else would like to come and lend a hand just shoot me a note or come by!

If you’re helping on Friday please arrive between 7:30-8:00am!

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