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Meet Golden Hour Artist, Reagan Gray

Greyt Culture organizes music showcases with new talent discovery in mind. We interviewed our upcoming Golden Hour featured artist, Reagan Gray. See her live at sunset with us on Friday, June 23rd on the rooftop of Electric Gardens in Tremont.

Hi Reagan. Let's start with a bit of your background. Could you share with us how your journey as a musician began and what led you to pursue music?

Hi! So I come from a musical family and started singing in church at about the age of 5. I’ve been wanting to sing since then and was hugely inspired by family and my environment there. From there I continued to grow and cultivate my craft throughout the years singing in groups, etc., and now as a solo artist.

What has been your experience navigating the Cleveland music scene? Are there any particular challenges or opportunities that you've encountered along the way?

I will first say that, in my opinion, Cleveland has some of, if not the best talent and musicians in the world! It’s definitely a place that sharpens you and pushes you to be the best at what you do. I have a really great team and band which is such a help at navigating the scene here. I’d say some challenges at times can be just staying consistent during the process, figuring that out, and remembering to stay authentic to who you are. However, I’ve had many opportunities that have put me in the right rooms to be heard and respected for what I do.

How has the support of your fans, "The Gray Ones," played a role in shaping your career and providing opportunities for growth?

I love this question. The Gray Ones play a huge role in my career because not only are they full of energy and support me and my shows, but they push me even when they don’t even know I need it. The encouragement, always looking and asking for more content, shows, and music reminds me that they are invested and are with me on this journey of mine until the wheels fall off!

Are you excited to headline at Golden Hour?

I am beyond excited! I actually attended a show last year and was thinking that it would be exciting to do a show at Golden Hour, and now here I am doing exactly that!

As you continue to establish yourself in the Cleveland music scene, what steps have you taken to stand out and differentiate yourself from other local artists?

The biggest step that I’ve taken and continue to take is to trust and believe in my gift and my uniqueness as an artist. My voice has its own unique sound and I used to think that was a liability but it’s my best asset! My voice, energy, connection to the audience, and live performance stands out on its own and it automatically sets me apart.

Are there any specific experiences or performances in the Cleveland music scene that have been particularly influential or memorable for you? If so, could you share a few highlights?

I host a monthly show called Nebula, and throughout the years I’ve experienced so many epics nights from my own shows, singing background, jamming with the best band around, and experiencing other amazing artists perform and shine.

How do you approach your songwriting process, and what themes or messages do you aim to convey through your original music?

I don’t really have an approach per se but I definitely go by the feel and energy of the music when writing, and consider myself to be genre-less. I go for themes and messages that are universal and can reach just about everyone. I’m excited to release more music that exhibits that.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals for your music career in Cleveland? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you're excited about?

My goals are to get my music heard and perform at more amazing spaces like Golden Hour and outside of Cleveland and beyond. No limits! I love collaborations and outside of releasing singles, I’m looking forward to releasing a project soon!

How do you believe Golden Hour and similar events contribute to shining a spotlight on the remarkable talent present in the Cleveland music community?

Golden Hour is great because it definitely creates and brings a new experience to an audience that hasn’t heard an artist like myself and affords me the opportunity to perform for a new audience as well.

Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are looking to launch their careers in the Cleveland music scene or any other local music scene?

Believe in yourself and your talent. Be consistent, practice and rehearse! Give it 100%, maintain a positive perspective and attitude. Continue to promote yourself, and to perform your art wherever you can that puts you in the best light.


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