Hi CreativeMornings Team & Friends

Registration just opened for CM coming up THIS Friday. A lot of the production needs are thankfully in house in the RTA boardroom so there’s a little bit less to do but as usual: Please help me fill in the question marks below if you can attend on Friday!

I’ll arrive at RTA at about 7:00am, If you can help please come by 8:00am.



Anila Rubiku - Cleveland Foundation Creative Fusion Artist in Residence.

VENUE: RTA Boardroom | 1240 W 6th St. in the Warehouse District.

Photography: ?

Videography: Frisson Media, Sam Kinkopf

Breakfast: Bloom Bakery

Coffee: Phoenix, Hilary Ward

Music : Ray Flanagan

Day of Social Media: ?

Check-in: ?

Chairs & PA : RTA

If you’d like to share the listings for the event they are right here:



Thank you so much to everyone for your help, see you very soon!

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