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About Greyt Culture

Greyt Culture is an independent arts collaborative based in Cleveland, Ohio.


All programs, live events, media, or other mediums of creation, serve to elevate and connect artists and entrepreneurs.

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My Story

Thomas Fox is a multi-disciplinary creative producer born, raised, based in Cleveland, Ohio.  Founder and President of Greyt Culture (formerly known as, Fox founded CreativeMornings Cleveland in the fall of 2014 and Agumboot Music Festival in 2016. The arts and entrepreneurship advocacy programs merged under the coalescing Greyt banner in 2019, reflecting a common thread in the stories of all artists and entrepreneurs: perspective. Fox continually delivers world-class cultural programs with a vast history of curating raw and rising creative talent. Previous to Greyt Culture programs, Fox founded indie music studio Bad Racket in 2010 and simultaneously served as the creative leader of Cleveland's Brite Winter Arts and Music Festival until 2014. Fox’s perpetual curiosity for what’s next has led to collaborations between unlikely creative partners in art, business, and industry.



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