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Supporting awareness for nature, wilderness, and wildlife conservation efforts through live music performance films. 

The nature of music.

Greyt Outdoor Concerts are short, 15-20 minute live musical performances by mixed genre contemporary artists, filmed with no audience, in epic natural landscapes.


The films provide an outlet for pop-culture makers to invite an unlimited audience into public land and nature conservation areas, fueling support for their continued preservation.

Public lands, parks, wilderness, and wildlife preservation areas are available to enjoy thanks to over a century of work from organizations that preserve natural spaces for our common benefit.  The Greyt Outdoor Concert series seeks to partner with and recognize these groups in distributed media on streaming video platforms and call for public support to continue their efforts.

While no in-person audience is present for the creation of these films,  millions of viewers online can glimpse breath-taking vistas during an extended 15-20 minute musical performance - captured in 4k high-definition multi-camera cinema and ariel photography with studio quality audio recordings suitable for watching on the family room’s big screen TV. The locations are labeled in the video title and descriptions so that anywhere the video is viewed or shared  it might draw intrigue and curiosity for virtual concertgoers to ask:


“Where is this place? Can I go there?"


The specific park names, cities, and natural descriptions in the video details provide a real-time experience of becoming a local insider to these locations, evoking a sense of mystique, transparency, and allure all at once. Creating an audience within these spaces, allow viewers to see and discover the beauty of the natural world without being explicitly told that it is beautiful.


 Episode 00 | Greyt Outdoor Concert Pilot - Ft. Cassidy King performing in the Grand River Valley, Ohio 
New Hampshire - 100 Mile Winderness.jpg


Greyt Culture seeks to connect global audiences to nature preservation across North America and beyond.  There's precedent for a single film in this content category to reach  5,  10, or even 100 million views on youtube, the largest music streaming platform in the world and holding for over a decade.  Through thoughtful curation and networking with artists supporting our mission, brands, and organizations financially supporting our talented production team,  we aim to make one of the most exciting music showcases in the cultural landscape. 

With aligned partnerships committed to this shared goal, we can create 100s of concerts, generating billions of views and raising hundreds of millions of dollars toward environmental conservation.

Will you join us? 

- Land Trusts

- Nature, Wildlife, Wilderness, and Environmental Conservations 

- Outdoor Brands 

- Travel and Tourism Organizations

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