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In science labs, a "culture" is a nutrient-rich bath, an environment that makes it possible for small living things to grow and flourish.

Another definition of culture is plainly how society spends its time.  Can we take both of these definitions and put them together? Can we spend our time creating an environment for people to grow and flourish?

We can, and we have. 


Since 2014 Greyt Culture has gathered over 10,000 attendees to live programs, like CreativeMornings Cleveland and Agumboot Music Festival,  spreading curiosity, encouraging creativity, and connecting artists and entrepreneurs to make things they love. There are many platforms under our broad banner to get involved. If you don't see what you're looking for, send us a note - we'd love to hear from you. 

1. Partner w/ Greyt Culture

We engage in person and online with artists, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals - reaching thousands every month. This work is possible through partnerships with sponsoring organizations that align in mission. If you're curious about working with us in this way, please reach out via email.

2. General Volunteers

We have a limited need for volunteers to help with simple tasks like checking in attendees at free educational community events. If you'd like to possibly help in this capacity fill out this short form to tell us how you'd like to participate and get on the team email list with access team letters in our member area.


3. Nominate A Speaker

We feature successful creative professionals in our lecture series and we're always looking for inspirational creative people to share their stories and lessons. Know someone you'd like to see on the program? Drop a nomination here!

4. Musical Guest Features 

We have large scale national projects and local features for musical guests on our live events and film series. Submit an artist we should consider for a feature. 

5. Visual Artist & Designer Features 

We feature designers on our monthly #quotecard series which is printed and distributed to our community and wind up as inspiration hung in homes and offices all over Ohio. Want us to feature you? Submit a designer. 

6. Pitch your side project, a job alert, or anything you're working on. 

We invite community members to participate in each CreativeMornings event by taking the mic and pitching themselves, a project, or an idea.  Pitches are just 30 seconds long. Submit your pitch. We want to know what you're working on!

7. Venue Host 

One of the unique things about our live events is that they happen everywhere, in unexpected places, allowing curious people to explore and be inspired. Want to welcome this community to your office, roof deck, parking lot, conference room, or loading dock? Let us know. 

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