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Do you know about the next big thing?

(Speaker & Venue Nomination)

Something has to be next, and it starts as an idea in a "normal" person's head. Greyt Culture collaborates with organizations and individuals to unite communities, share knowledge and connections, and foster a space for new ideas and leaders to find a path. 

These collaborators could be you, a client, a friend, a colleague, or maybe someone you follow on the internet and would love to meet in person. There are a few things we're looking for and would love to hear from you if a person or place would fit one of our features.

What we're looking for when selecting speakers & venues


1. Greyt speakers are different from each other. When building our programs we like to find people who are different in every way possible, beginning with work discipline.  We feature a collection of writers, architects, graphic designers, technologists, photographers, investors, historians, chefs, actors, engineers, dancers, painters, exhibit designers, athletes, musicians, poets, puppeteers, filmmakers and many other oddball non-conforming creatives.  

We feature people who create.


2. Our speakers are successful at getting ideas out of their heads and into the world. Sometimes this is identifiable as commercial success. Sometimes it is identifiable as cultural influence success with recognition in the media. Sometimes this is an artistic success with groundbreaking work the world (or our community) has not seen before.  This is not a sales platform to pitch a product or service (though we do hold space for that). 

Greyt Speakers teach our community something they've learned to achieve their definition of success. 

3. Our speakers each get a single-word theme to help guide their remarks, create some structure and spur ideas for a wide variety of work to be presented in our programs. 




Each Greyt Big Talk is held in a space that inspires creativity. We love to go to newly built or renovated places. We love to go to private spaces that are not typically open to the public. We love to go to spaces connected to organizations that foster creativity. If it's a cool spot within 15-20minuites of Cleveland and can fit 100-200 people we're interested in adding the room to the list of potential venues. 

Contact us at to nominate a speaker or venue for Greyt Big Talk

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