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Live Event and Video Showcases Available for Raw, Rising, and Undiscovered Talent. We listen to everything sent to us and then some.

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Musician Application

Sounds like you'd like us to listen to your SoundCloud.

If you're willing to take the time to fill out this form, we're willing to take the time to listen and consider your music for one of our features. We platform artists on Paid Features and within Press Features through our video and event production company. Here's what you should know: 

Paid Features. 

We host many special events, both private and public, and hire artists to play 30, 60, 90, or sometimes longer sets for live audiences. 

Press Features. 

We selectively produce events and videos featuring short performances from artists to help them grow and connect with new audiences.  The media produced on these features can be valued as much as $25k USD. 

Thanks for taking the time to send us your tunes!

Musician Application

Music Unreleased? (send us a demo file)

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Thanks for applying!

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