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Take a Shot!

Pitch your project, startup, crowd fund, job posting, work-for-hire, or anything else to the live Greyt Big Talk audience

- in the time it takes to pour a shot of espresso

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Espresso Shot Pitch Application

Pitch your side project, job alert, or work for hire at our next Greyt Big Talk

We invite community members to participate in our next Greyt Big Talk, to pitch themselves, a project, or just an idea - in the length of time it takes to make a shot of espresso (30-45 seconds) in front of a live audience!


The best way for us to make a selection for who gets stage time at our next event is by viewing a selfie video of your pitch. This way, you get to rehearse it and tailor it down to the specifics. Remember, this is your chance to announce your pitch to a friendly crowd. Do whatever you need to do to capture their attention. Make it count. Use the very short time to your advantage. We will sound an alarm when your pitch time is up and be forewarned, we're quite strict about it :)


Use this form to submit a quick selfie video of your pitch, low production quality is much preferred. Once we receive videos from applicants, we'll make a selection and feature as many as we can (currently we feature most applicants)


Arts & Entrepreneurship Breakfast Lecture Series 

Friday Mornings ·  Event doors 8:30 am · Event close 10:30 am · Various venues. 


Espresso Pitch Application Form

Upload a Short video of your pitch (low quality preferred!)

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Thanks for applying!

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