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Hi CreativeMornings Team & Friends,

Registration opens tomorrow morning for this month’s CreativeMornings talk which will be held at THE OLDEST BUILDING in Cleveland. The theme is LOVE. if you could help fill in the question marks below it would be WONDERFUL. Looking forward to this, If you’re able to help please let me know!


Danielle Drake works with US Together and the Refugee Services Collaborative to build programs that identify people in need of safe refuge in war-torn countries and helps them resettle here in Cleveland. This will likely be a heavier talk but I think it’s something that a lot of people have questions about and are interested in right now.


The Dunham Tavern

6709 Euclid Ave.

Photography: Laura, Anna?

Videography: Aaron?

Breakfast: Christina (Baked)

Coffee: Hilary (Phoenix)

Day of Social Media : Kate?

Check-in: Emily, Joon-Li, Courtenay?

Chairs: Thomas

PA: Thomas

Projector: Anybody have a projector?

Registration opens in the morning at:

Also if you should feel so inclined please feel free to invite friends on Facebook:

OR Share this image on any social media space

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