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Back So Soon?

1 - Won SUP Aunt at Thyme… Say that a few times fast to start something new. Sometimes I buy the idea that there’s only a few stories. Maybe so, I feel like it’s fine to keep looking, telling, sharing, anyway

2 - Bread Lettuce Ham Pickles Mayo and Thyme… Those are just ingredients for a nice sandwich. If you’d like to make somebody happy, delivering a tasty sandwich usually peeks a smile. Try it with a friend sometime.

3 - I’ll stop now before I needlessly type-scat the theme to funky town to reflect my mood following Nom Night. Thank you to everybody who came and participated in the art show, speaker nomination, and nom nosh festivities last week. Everyone mostly followed the rules, any that mattered anyway, and we have LOTS of good things in the barrel for CMCLE 2020. Seriously, thank you so much.

THIS WEEK We’re back down to a reasonable number of people on the team email here (there were well over 100 of you guys for all of the nom night participants and partners), and I wanted to give the notes for this Friday’s regularly scheduled caffeination. It’ll likely be a smaller crowd than usual but it’ll be very good, I promise.

LOOK around below, if something is incorrect, missing, suggestions, incomplete in some way… hit me back with a hand up!

Love and Rockets,

T Fox


[About the CreativeMornings Team Email. This monthly(ish) email goes to regular CM participants and partners, event-specific participants and partners, and others I would like to be aware of the contents of upcoming programs. The Team Email is for Planning Purposes Only and treated as confidential/non-promotional/not to be distributed. Event details listed here are subject to change based on input back from recipients. Confirmed event details will always be listed through - recipients are added and removed periodically at my discretion. If you would like to be a permanent recipient or removed from future CM Team emails, reply and I will comply with kindness. Thanks for reading.] __________

CreativeMornings Cleveland OCTOBER 2019 DATE: 10/18/19 THEME: Flow SPEAKER: Floco Torres VENUE: Coco’s Chalky Paints FACEBOOK: REGISTRATION: BREAKFAST: Shawnda Moye BREAKFAST FEATURE: ??? COFFEE: Molly Farris, Phoenix PROGRAM SETUP: Jessica Will / Thomas Fox PRINT: Hotcards! PHOTOS: Tony Hughes VIDEO: Jay Hovanec PODCAST TEAM: David Allen Moss, Dave Douglas LIVE TWEETING: Kate Eidam MUSIC FEATURE: Latoya Kent QUOTE DESIGNER FEATURE: Ape Bleakney QUOTE DESIGNER ON DECK: ???? ESPRESSO PITCH: Al Wasco ESPRESSO PITCH 2: Coco ESPRESSO PITCH 3: CHECKIN: ??? AV: Thomas A. Fox SETUP: ???

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