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Hi everybody, we’re one week from the next CreativeMornings. BROKEN is the theme… which feels like an invitation for an airing of grievances. I may need to bring a positivity baton (baseball bat) to keep order, but looking forward to this being a very cool and fun meeting. Plus Christina is returning with delicious treats from Baked. and I love everything she makes.

Please help me fill in the question marks below if you can attend on Friday! I’ll arrive at Bialosky at about 7:00 am, If you can help please come by 8:00 am.

SPEAKER: Kumar Arora, VC and “Shark” on the upcoming Cleveland Shark Tank Show with Lebron James, airing on CNBC in August.

VENUE: Bialosky Architecture, 6555 Carnegie

Photography: ?

Videography: ?

Breakfast: Baked. Christina Buccafurni

Coffee: Phoenix, Hilary Ward

Music : John Kalman

Day of Social Media: ?

Check-in: ?

Chairs & PA : Thomas

Registration opens on Monday. Listings are up at:

Thanks so much everyone, have a great weekend!

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