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Cool Out

Somehow, we’re approaching the last days of summer? It’s not my fault, don’t shoot the messenger. I just wanted to get you this note before the weekend, whatever it holds for you, I hope you’re able to enjoy it.

CreativeMornings is NEXT week Friday with registration opening Monday morning, We’re gonna try one more time for a hybrid event (partly in person and over zoom), this time some of my colleagues at North Water Productions will be joining to help handle additional technical needs. Fitting, the theme STRESS this month has had me searching for relief. I thought, you know what, I am pretty tired and the theme IS stress, maybe we can organize something easy? I could even ask somebody to speak who I know well and is chill and will make everybody feel alright alright, make it super low tension. Yea, that’d be nice. The presentation could be, well, almost nothing - a slide show of rainbows and waterfalls and baby animals with a soundtrack of the beach and David Attenborough saying “astonishingly, the little cub makes it home for supper" for 20 minutes and that’s it, pack it up, good to see ya! (smiley big sigh). I don’t know how or why the theme being “stress" set me on a path to feeling it required me to be unstressed by planning and organizing… but when I’ve set my mind to something, damnit it’s gonna happen. This month, I would not be stressed by CreativeMornings if it killed me.

I made a call to the perfect person on my mind to accomplish this, and they had great news! They were getting married! During the pandemic! The day after this CreativeMornings! Ok, so clearly not off to a good start on the low-stress requirement. Maybe the thing to do would be, nothing? Like not do CreativeMornings this month? That’s certainly the lowest stress option, right?

Now, everybody be calm, just cool out. I said COOL OUT OKAY!

The thing is, avoiding work and the strain of effort to do things you WANT to do is not freeing you from stress, the avoidance is more likely to make you depressed.. which is still stressed but washed with sadness, so just do the work, it’s way better. Thanks to an introduction by my friend Patrick Walker, I was lucky to meet somebody who gets this, Eliza Wing. Eliza has had a long career in journalism writing for Rolling Stone, Self, New York Women, before becoming the founding president and CEO of These types of jobs are rewarding but also filled with deadlines, conflicts, people, STRESS. To balance the work/life demands, Eliza developed a personal practice of mindfulness and meditation, which led her to eventually create a collaborative to help others as well,

Leading this CreativeMornings, Eliza will be sharing less of a lecture, and more, a meditation session, teaching stress relief by example. There’s no seating at BayArts, but if you’d like to bring a blanket and sit in the lawn at a distance from others you can. Of course, this is primarily a virtual event and you’re welcome to login from your bed at home to participate. If you think about it, it’s actually a really cool time to be alive.

If you are attending in person, please let me know, I could use some volunteer hands to make the lifting a little bit easier. There's also room for espresso pitches, if you know anybody with a great project to feature send them to me! Share the links on the internet if you like us and want others to know about these good things.

See you out there kids,

T. Fox GREYT CULTURE + [About the Greyt Culture / CreativeMornings Team Email. This monthly(ish) email goes to regular CM participants and partners, event-specific participants and partners, and others I would like to be aware of the contents of upcoming programs. The Team Email is for Planning Purposes Only and treated as confidential/non-promotional/not to be distributed. Event details listed here are subject to change based on input back from recipients. Confirmed event details will always be listed through - recipients are added and removed periodically at my discretion. If you would like to be a permanent recipient or removed from future CM Team emails, reply and I will comply with kindness. Thanks for reading.] __________ CreativeMornings Cleveland August 2020 DATE: 8/21/20 THEME: STRESS SPEAKER: Eliza Wing VENUE: BayArts FACEBOOK: REGISTRATION: BREAKFAST: na. BREAKFAST FEATURE: na. COFFEE: na. PROGRAM SETUP: na. PRINT: na. PHOTOS: ??? VIDEO: North Water Productions Team VIDEO EDITING: North Water Productions Team PODCAST TEAM: David Allen Moss, Dave Douglas LIVE TWEETING: ??? MUSIC FEATURE: ??? QUOTE DESIGNER FEATURE: Jess Telmanik QUOTE DESIGNER ON DECK: ??? ESPRESSO PITCH: ??? ESPRESSO PITCH 2: ??? ESPRESSO PITCH 3: ??? AV: Thomas Fox Zoom Operator: Pauly Suchy

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