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Five Oh!

Hey gang - It’s the Big Five Oh this month, and I don’t mean the police… speaking of the police, I don’t mean Sting but 4 years have passed since I first wrote my note, and only hope can keep me together. Love can mend your life but love can break your heart… Anyway, I’ll try to stop singing but no promises, here’s this month’s S.O.S. in preparation for the (bewildered-head-shake) 50th CreativeMornings event in Cleveland. We’ve got an incredible program from every angle, but there’s always more to do. Sound off if you can help with things below or anything else you have in mind. Thanks as always! OTHER UPDATES: - Jordan Wong, has illustrated art for the most awesome coffee mug that has ever been made. Attached an image. We will be printing these and I’d like to ask a pre-order next week. We’re making a brief transition for print with Nadia leaving Jakprints so I’m working to raise some money to cover print expenses this month while I sort out that partnership and a future for print materials at CM. Looking for input, how much should we ask for these mugs (see attached)? Also feel free to send Jordan hate mail for being unfairly talented. He’s the worst. (Jordan, Thank you so much :-) - While it’s been 50 months since the start of CMCLE - it’s serendipitously 50 years for MOCA this month. There’s a Party on Saturday to celebrate. I’m planning to go and Megan sent me the code MOCA50 for discounted tickets, if anybody would like to join I’ll see you there!

- I am massively behind on putting photo and video content from past events online. Spending the next few days working to catch up to date. If anybody would like to assist in uploading to / plastering our social media pages, come find me in Ohio City for massive caffeination.

Yours Truly,

-T Fox

________________ THIS MONTH IN CLEVELAND: DATE: 2/15/19 THEME: SYMMETRY SPEAKER: Jesty - Independent Music Producer, Holy Mattress Money VENUE: MOCA Cleveland, 1140 Euclid Ave. Cleveland Ohio - University Circle FACEBOOK: REGISTRATION: Opens Next Monday at 9am Share CreativeMornings w/ friends, loved ones, amicable acquaintances or enemies as you like, it’s all here ^^^^^^ BREAKFAST: Shawnda, Southern Sweets COFFEE: Chantal Pettegrew, Phoenix PROGRAM SETUP: Jessica Will PHOTOS: Katie Dike VIDEO: ??? PODCAST TEAM: David Allen Moss, Dave Douglas LIVE TWEETING: Kate Eidam MUSIC FEATURE: Tom Evanchuck QUOTE DESIGNER FEATURE: Abby Cali QUOTE DESIGNER ON DECK: Eric Jenkins ESPRESSO PITCH: Spike Radway ESPRESSO PITCH 2: Erica Brown CHECKIN: Joon-li, Stacie Gerrity, ?? AV: MOCA SETUP: Anybody that can come Thursday evening before, or at 7am on the 15th —???

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