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Happy New Year

Hi all Happy New Year!

It’s the year 2019, the last year of a decade. One of the CreativeMornings themes this coming year is WONDER… the feeling of awe that comes from stepping back and feeling part of something big, like looking at a sky full of stars, the grand canyon, the ocean touching the horizon, a sea of people stretched out at a music festival, religious, or massive political gathering… even witnessing man made glyphs change to measure the grand scope of time does all that for me. Wonder… for all the hope and possibilities connection and understanding can bring. I’m late to the game but I wish you all that feeling, to burn for the most amazing time of your life. Right now.

I have been hard at work making plans for this year’s CM gatherings. There’s a document attached with my notes and some things i’m trying to make happen. It inevitably won’t all work out, and for that there are incredible alternatives. If you have feedback or see a name or venue that you could help contact, please reply and let me know. this may seem small, but it is HUGE in making these events come together.

Congratulations to Jessica Will on her engagement over the Holidays to her boyfriend Kyle! Jessica diligently creates the program designs for us each month. To help her out I’d like to create an updated master list of our volunteer team. Which is why I need your reply!

If you plan to attend and help at just ONE (or many) events in 2019, Please reply with:

1. A link to your profile with updated photo, description, and links. for example mine is

2. The things you’re able to help with. Options are:

- Greeting, Check-In

- Setup/Tear Down (must be able to lift chairs, bins etc.)

- Breakfast/Coffee, Help with Shawnda and Chantal's team preparing and serving food/coffee.

- Podcast (This is everyone on the Evergreen team)

- Social Media (Day of event)

- Photography! We need more photographers! if you know someone, please pass on the invitation.

- Video! We need more people who can contribute to creating video!

- Advisory, a lot of you fall into this category - helping with feedback on the plans and connecting ideas outside of events. A lot of times I’m simply organizing input from all of you, and it’s important to me to recognize that.

I’ll be announcing this month’s event later this week, still working out details, but never fear, something will come together, and it’ll be great.

Thank you all, much love

- T Fox

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