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Host, David Moss

Hi all - I attached a video here I took a couple of days ago - because as you may or may not

know I’m out of the country for a bit and this month on personal travel and CreativeMornings i

s being hosted (and organized) by David Allen Moss of the Front Porch People. I’ll send out the big email announcements from afar but otherwise, David is putting together the program, and the main purpose of this email is to make sure that David has everyone’s addresses. I

don’t know exactly who all is going to be there, so I’ve listed what everyone does when you are able, if you’ll be able to make it this month PLEASE. Respond to David with a quick hello and let him know that you can help! He and the front porch team are putting together the event on Friday, October 19th at the regular times. Either he’ll contact everyone directly with speaker/venue details or it will be included in the regular announcements.

David Moss - Hosting! Jessica Will - Program Design Jessica Fox - Event Setup Joon-Li - Check-in and setup Alexis Rosen - Check-in and setup Kate Eidam - Day of Live Tweeting Shawnda - Breakfast

Chantal - Coffee Jay - Video Shannon Metelko - Video Sam Skelton - Video Max Kirchoff - Can do everything. Dave Douglas - Audio / Podcast Katie Dike - Photos Dan Corby - Photos Tony Hughes - Photos

Others here (Nadia, Pat, Kauser, Aaron, Shane) all help in unbelievably important ways outside of the day of event and wanted to include you here so that you are connected with David. I’ll be back near the end of the month. Appreciate you all so much and I hope you have a really great time! God speed, T Fox

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