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January 2019

Hi CM Team - Somehow, CreativeMornings is tomorrow… which means we’re already at the third Friday in January... time is hurdling forward at a pace that feels, less than comfortable. We’ve already experienced the growth and decline of an internet meme more viral than Kusama or the ice bucket challenge, the government has a “be back soon sign” gathering a very think layer of dust, and don’t even get me started about-face socks.

Ok… there’s some serious stuff going on in the world. But I’m serious that getting coffee and learning about, supporting the growth of ideas and people around us as we all work to make things that bring joy to our lives, makes a compounding difference whether we realize it immediately or not. So grateful for all of you, for what you do here, and the projects you're building in your personal and professional lives.

If you didn’t send back your profile page yet, please do! We need that so Jessica Will can properly list all team members in the print program and I can list online.

All the info I’ve gathered for tomorrow is below! Let me know if something is wrong or if you’d like to be added/removed anywhere… I make mistakes constantly, tell me and I will fix them as best that I can.

See you tomorrow in the am.

With love, T Fox



DATE: 1/18/19

THEME: Surreal

SPEAKER: Ivan Schwarz, Greater Cleveland Film Commission

VENUE: CSU School for Film & Media Arts

REGISTRATION: 160+ guests currently registered (There’s more room, feel free to invite/share the following links)

BREAKFAST: Shawnda, Southern Sweets

COFFEE: Chantal Pettegrew, Phoenix


PHOTOS: Tony Hughes

VIDEO: Jay Hovanec, CSU

PODCAST TEAM: David Allen Moss, Dave Douglas


MUSIC FEATURE: Megan Sullivan

QUOTE DESIGNER: NA (none this month)


ESPRESSO PITCH: Jen Jones Donatelli

ESPRESSO PITCH 2: Christina Vassalo, SPACES

CHECKIN: Joon-li, Stacie Gerrity, ??

AV: Me

SETUP: Anybody that cam come today at 4pm, or tomorrow at 7am

PARKING: See Attached for all the options in Playhouse square. Unfortunately nothing is free. I plan on using lot 10 or 11 which seems the best value… if I can’t grab street parking at 7:30am

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