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Rock Hall

Hello all,

Registration opened yesterday for CreativeMornings and I just wanted to get a note out to everyone about plans. There are a few question marks as usual, filled in with who usually helps out. I listed people below as it usually works out, If you would like to confirm or add yourself to any of these categories just let me know!

Also, please feel free to invite people to these pages as appropriate to you. There are about 100 people registered right now.

SPEAKER: Annie Zaleski VENUE: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum Photography: Katie Dike? Videography: Jay Hovanec Breakfast: Christina Buccafurni Coffee: Shane Hinde, Phoenix Day of Social Media : Kate Eidam? Featured Music: Tj Maclin (Thaddeus Anna Greene) Check-in: Courtenay? Joon-Li? Chairs & Tables: Rock Hall AV Set Up: Scott Saluga Projector/Display: Thomas

Programs: Jakprints

I’ll arrive at the Rock Hall at 7 am on Friday, If you’re helping setup for the event please arrive between 7:30 and 7:45! I’d recommend parking in the Great Lakes Science Center Parking lot.

Thanks, everyone, let me know if you have any questions

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