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Roll The Bones

In this team email, I have a big secret to share, but first I gotta tell you this thing about mountain climbing.

(Video - @tommylovessoup - 2019 Banff Mountains, Canada)

If I told you “it’s all downhill from here” at the top of a mountain, it would be true and a boring thing to say. If I told you the same “it’s all downhill from here” at the base of the mountain as you were ready to begin ascent… it would be false, and a stupid thing to say. Yes, literally you’re about to climb uphill and I say the opposite, cool dude - BUT maybe, maybe the most challenging part of the climb is in fact taking the first step, the journey in your head to get out the door… my friends, it’s all downhill from here. Roll the bones. This train doesn’t go backward. I was reading the Hemingway quote I put on the invite to the first “underground” Golden Hour this time last year at Burkle Hagen photo, and I wondered if it meant something different in the context of the pandemic from life now… what do you think? "Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.” Greyt Big Talk Collection 1 is out now - these are stories from people in our community who have gotten out the door. You can stream 4 talks now - 4 more will be released when I post them. We’re taking an early summer break and going back to school with Greyt Big Talk in September. Now, about this secret - I don’t really do marketing for Greyt Culture programs beyond writing to this group of people. If others hear about what we’re up to, it’s generally from you. This makes our messaging, not what I say… but what you say. When I hear good things circulating around... Guys, I’m so grateful to all of you for the opportunity to do this work, and for your opening this space to others around you. I’m as excited today, for this summer, for the days ahead, as I’ve ever been. I’ve added to this team email all 90ish past speakers from our program, and most of our past partners. I’d like to invite all of you, friends, team, partners, speakers, musical guests, and designers - to attend at least one rooftop sunset concert this summer. They are just parties, really good parties, with really great people. There’s a small cost to cover expenses and to raise some money to put on our programs - they are exceptional experiences in every way. I anticipate most of these will sell out due to limited capacities. Please grab tickets for the dates you can attend and share them with others who should be there. GOLDEN HOUR REGISTRATION >>

  • Friday, May 27th - on the roof of Intro Cleveland - featuring a Cumbia Latin dance group, Hello3D!

  • Friday, June 24th - on the rooftop of Electric Gardens - featuring an artist… I can’t officially share yet.

  • Friday, July 22nd - on the rooftop of The Shoreway - featuring imminent pop-mega star Chayla Hope.

The August and September Golden Hours are still in planning due to limited venue availabilities. I’ll make 'em happen, or I won’t. We’ll have to wait and find out. See you on the roof. T. Fox GREYT CULTURE // About the Greyt Culture Team Email. This monthly(ish) email goes to GREYT event participants and partners, and others I would like to be aware of the contents of upcoming programs. The Team Email is for Planning Purposes Only and treated as confidential/non-promotional/not to be distributed. Event details listed here are subject to change based on input back from recipients. Confirmed event details will always be listed through - recipients are added and removed periodically at my discretion. If you would like to be a permanent recipient or removed from GREYT emails, reply and I will comply with kindness. Thanks for reading.] __________________________

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