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Sail On Spiderman, Sail On

Well well well… here we are at this exact moment. If you’re not here with me, you can skip to the end where I’ve listed all the attractive goodies, and enticing nuggets for yet another incredible CreativeMornings event, all neatly arranged in a work-junky, time-saving, form-fashionability you’ll love. If you are here though, it’s good to see you, and good to be seen.

To start, I’d like to establish that this is a very serious email. For new readers, you might think my plainly stating that this is serious, is not a very sincere way of indicating seriousness, but I am being as serious as I can be considering these unsavory circumstances. You see, long ago, when humans would avoid physical contact and only communicate over the internet… ...a bold endeavor was made to periodically drink coffee as a group in the same place, at the same time! A simple pleasure, for which lots of different types of people would come together. Some people made things up as part or all of their jobs. Some would make things up when not at their jobs, and some would even make up that they’d make up things at all. It really didn’t matter, it was a good bunch, and all ok, because while we were busy not working, slurping caffeine and calorie-free cupcakes, we were accidentally learning some hard to learn things, and meeting some great folks to meet.

I miss those times.

Now, I’m not one of those people who are impossibly positive, but I was flying a kite the other day and thought… this is how it's supposed to happen - like when Daniel Gray Kontar shared a good story and a bad story in his talk on DEATH. You might not like it but after the war on your plans subsides, you’ll love that plot twist NOBODY saw coming. I was sad to announce during our September event that this coming CreativeMornings would be the last “virtual event” of the year in Cleveland, but I want to do better than simply staying afloat, or getting by with a monotonous string of glossy webcam appearances, and I want that for all of you too. I don’t quite know what happens next, and if I did I wouldn’t say, but there’s time to rethink and reset here, and honestly going back to the drawing board is a damn exciting thing I don’t do often enough. I hope to return some form of creative community program in the next several months and I'm likely to ask for your help to make something great - Until then, there’s one more coffee talk coming via the inter-web circuit ways, and baby it’s a doozy.

The plan for October 2020 has always been good. The global theme, TRANSIT, was Cleveland’s pick for communities to discuss all over the planet. To celebrate, I wanted to gather in the most iconically Cleveland space, the Terminal Tower. Built during the Great Depression as the central transit center of the city (hence the name, Terminal) I thought it would be a symbolic, nostalgic, even hyperbolic setting for an exchange of thoughts on the methods of to and fro. The talk would be on the possibility of high-speed rail connecting cities all over the midwest, specifically the Hyperloop, which one day soon might make us all much much closer together.

The tower isn’t happening, but thanks to the pandemic we will be going beyond the conceptual connection between cities in the region and actively joining with people in Buffalo, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Toronto for the first-ever CreativeMornings of the Great Lakes over zoom. This little experiment is a collaboration between the hosts in each city and we’ve planned a PACKED program. There will be three speakers, as well as other features. Expect to hear from the head of engineering at Hyperloop Technology, Christopher Bobko, plus one of the most forward-thinking and accomplished urban planners in North America, former chief planner of Toronto, Jennifer Keesmat. Last but not least what would CreativeMornings be if not for an unexpected perspective. The life of a musician is one in constant transit and we’ll round out the morning with thoughts and performance from legendary session drummer Ernie Adams.

There’s a 500 attendee cap, which we expect will fill quickly, with fewer than a hundred spots for attendees in each city. Which, in Cleveland, we could fill if we limited to just past volunteers or just past partners… or almost with just past speakers. Still, please feel free to share the links below as you wish.

There’s not much need for extra hands but see below for a few ??? that could be filled. Raise your hand. For plans in the future, I’m (always) going to need to write and prepare new materials to ask people for monetary support to make any kind of program so if you’d like to leave me your testimonial on CreativeMornings' impact on you or your company, or the city, leave your story here, and I’ll see you out there.

With love,

T. Fox GREYT CULTURE + Host, CreativeMornings Cleveland [About the Greyt Culture / CreativeMornings Team Email. This monthly(ish) email goes to regular CM participants and partners, event-specific participants and partners, and others I would like to be aware of the contents of upcoming programs. The Team Email is for Planning Purposes Only and treated as confidential/non-promotional/not to be distributed. Event details listed here are subject to change based on input back from recipients. Confirmed event details will always be listed through - recipients are added and removed periodically at my discretion. If you would like to be a permanent recipient or removed from future Team emails, reply and I will comply with kindness. Thanks for reading.] __________ CreativeMornings of The Great Lakes October 2020 DATE: 10/23/20 THEME: TRANSIT SPEAKER: Christopher Bobko, HyperLoop Technology Head of Engineering via CM Cleveland SPEAKER: Jennifer Keesmat, Former Chief Planner, City of Toronto - via CM Toronto SPEAKER: Ernie Adams, Legendary Touring Jazz Percussionist - via CM Chicago FACEBOOK: REGISTRATION OPENS 10/19: BREAKFAST: na. BREAKFAST FEATURE: na. COFFEE: na. PROGRAM SETUP: na. PRINT: na. PHOTOS: na VIDEO EDITING: North Water Productions Team PODCAST TEAM: na LIVE TWEETING: ??? MUSIC FEATURE: via CM Buffalo ART FEATURE: via CM Grand Rapids QUOTE DESIGNER FEATURE: na QUOTE DESIGNER ON DECK: ??? ESPRESSO PITCH: ??? AV: na Zoom Operator: CreativeMornings Chicago

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