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St. Patricks Day

Hello Everyone!

CreativeMornings is coming up one week from today, and I think it’s going to be really wonderful. Here’s what’s happening, if you don’t read this whole email, please let me know if you’ll be there and would like to help. THANK YOU!

THEME: Taboo

SPEAKER: Dan Moulthrop, CEO of the City Club

VENUE: SPACES - 2900 Detroit Ave.

Public links are here, please feel free to pass them to friends/co-workers that would enjoy coming. We’ve got room for about 125 people this month.

#QuotePosters / Postcards - I’m excited to bring these back this year, though they’ll now be post cards instead of posters, made at Jakprints instead of by hand at Zygote.

- Jessica Will is preparing the programs now, and she has designed a postcard from an Annie Zaleski Quote

- Adrian Lane is designing a postcard from a Robert Banks quote

- Alexa Jones is scheduled to make a postcard from a Dan Moulthrop quote. (Nadia, I’ll send the new designs to Kate no later than Monday!)

30 second-ish pitches. I’m going to post some things on social media calling for people to share NEW projects, and endeavors around town that would be good for people to know about. We’ll do up to 2 of these each month, hopefully we get people to stand up and take the mic so we can include more people in the program. This month, There’s a call for artists for Rooms To Let, someone from Slavic Village is going to tell people about… looking for feature number 2.

If you know of anything (or anyone) that should be shared in this format, please let me know so I can contact people!

St. Patrick’s Day Drinks! In addition to Phoenix coffee, Nicki Moore (formerly Lawson) is arranging Watershed Distillery to provide vodka for “not so Irish Coffee” IMPORTANT EXTRA VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. We could use a couple people to help serve these drinks.

Food Shane has set us up with Southern Sweets Cleveland, for muffins and tarts. I have not tried these yet, but on his recommendation I believe we these will be tasty.

Music- no music this month… as of right now. This may change.

We need to do all of the regular things: checkin, social media, av setup, photography/videography, plus bartenders. Please get in touch with me if you can come lend a hand!

If you have any questions please get in touch, See you all soon!

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