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Team Update

Hello Everyone, CreativeMornings is this Friday! Details on the event are announced and included below. If you have questions or would like to help out with anything, just reply to let me know what you can do, if not I’ll follow up with you individually :-)

If for any reason you’d rather not get this email in the future, please just let me know. We’re all volunteers here trying to make something fun happen. Doing my best to be respectful of everyone's time Brief Global Summit Update: There are a few extra things here than normal, which are thoughts from the summit in Austin earlier this month. Going into year 3 of CreativeMornings in Cleveland we have a system in place, but we should make some updates! 1. Communication. We don’t do many meetings because I’d like to keep the time and work on CM to a minimum, but I think perhaps it’s too minimum and we should get together outside of regular events a few times a year. Like… 2 or 4, can we do that? It should be fun as long as they’re not too frequent. The Slack App. I despise over use of software and signing up for new services that I’m never going to use, and therefore weighed advocated this app very hard. I use it for some other projects and know that it’s really great AND we used it at the summit and communication among chapters was AMAZING. So, I’ve set up a team for us to use and I REALLY hope that you’ll sign up and use it. Please log in, make an account. and tell me when you’d like to get together in December in the general channel. Here’s a link: 2. Fundraising. I’m not asking for anybody’s help with this, just want to keep you updated. We made about $300 from the fundraiser party… which is enough money to put on 1.5-2 events if in-kind partnerships remain in place. The plan I laid out to switch to an “Employer Listing” was a great effort but the feedback from Cleveland employers I reached out to was that it wasn’t very attractive. Traditional sponsorships are probably more preferable. I’m working on raising some more cash to keep things going. Hopefully I’ll have some good news for everybody in December! Now sign up for Slack and shoot me a message there! Thanks guys, See you Friday! Thomas ______________ NOVEMBER CREATIVEMORNING CLEVELAND SPEAKER: Kauser Razvi - Founder of Literary Lots, Founding Director of Global Cleveland, Community Outreach Director at Digital C. Kauser is a remarkable high energy woman with an urban planning background, constantly creating new community oriented civic projects. She’s originally from Chicago but has made a massive impact on Northeast Ohio. VENUE: Cleveland Collection Gallery. - We’re hosting here to help promote the Creative Fusion Mural Project completion in Ohio City. There are freshly finished murals from all over hinge town from 16 artists, both local and international. It’s beautiful. This is also a brand new gallery just down the street from the New SPACES gallery on Detroit ave. Photography:?? Videography: Aaron Erb Breakfast: Baked. Christina Coffee: Phoenix, Shane Hinde Day of Social Media: Kate Eidam Check-in: ?? PA: Thomas Projector: Ashley Shaw PLEASE SHARE THESE AN INVITE FRIENDS. 100 registered, room for 20-25 more. Facebook: Registration:

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