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The Beach

Hi there everybody.

Ya ready for some fun at the beach this Friday? It’s probably going to rain but we’ll be undercover in that beautiful boat-shaped beach house. I think a little fresh air off a crisp rain is euphoric and only makes things better… we’ll see what happens though. Registration is… quite high, currently about 160 of us.

We need some serious help: taking photos and videos. all of our regular media team are out this month. AND IT’S GOING TO BE SO GORGEOUS, WE NEED TO CAPTURE IT. Anybody want to pitch in let me know. I respond to emails and texts and phone calls. Everything you need to know is below. Important stuff in Red. See you soon!

- T Fox

EVENT DATE: Friday 8/17 SPEAKER: Liz Maugans VENUE: Edgewater Beach House ADDRESS: 11400 Euclid Ave. CAPACITY: Basically unlimited. Registration is open for 175, 125 currently registered. PARKING: Free, so much free parking… it’s the mother of all free parking. SETUP: Could use 2-3 sets of hands to set up tables and chairs at 7:30 Promo things: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: Please share/invite friends as you like… we are already pretty over booked though. BREAKFAST: Shawnda COFFEE: Chantal & and the Phoenix PHOTOS: Help? VIDEO: Jay and Sam, Shanon… everybody on the video team is out. I’ll bring cameras anybody want to hit record? If not this will be me. MUSIC FEATURE: Ngina Fayola ESPRESSO PITCH: — none scheduled CHECKIN: ??? AV: Me PROGRAM SETUP: Jessica Will PRINTING PICKUP: Jessica Will _________________

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