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Three Things

Hi Everyone, - A few things I wanted to put on your minds for CreativeMornings.

1. FRIDAY - There’s lots of space open in Registration this month! Perhaps because we have a little less known speaker It’d be a good month to bring a friend or Co-Worker that hasn’t been before.

(Also if you’re coming Remember to register so we have a good count for Shawnda and Chantal to prepare food/coffee!)

2. SUMMIT! - For the 10 Year anniversary of CreativeMornings worldwide, there is a summer camp in upstate New York for Organizers and Teams. - S’mores and swimming, and camp things with other creative people from around 60 countries, plus talks with extraordinary people like Seth Godin. If any of our regular team members would like to come please let me know, registration for Summit closes this Friday.

3. NEXT MONTH! - I haven’t been able to reach any of our top choices for speakers on “COMMITMENT” - If there are any ideas or opinions out there to help out with this let me know! I wanna make it great.

Looking forward to meeting up Friday - as always if there’s anything you guys need from me let me know!

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