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Hi everybody,

CreativeMornings is on Friday at Jakprints - If you’d like to help out we’ve got a couple of check-in spots still open. If you haven’t been in a while this is the perfect time to come back! Details for what is happening and who is doing what is below. Let me know if you’d like to help. Also, there is still some room left in registration so if you’d like to bring anybody, pass along the links below.


James Renner is an author of a few books about crime, urban legends, and generally weird anomalies in Cleveland and Ohio. He’s been a writer for Scene and before that the Free Times. I think he’ll have plenty of weird things to talk about. Looking forward to this very much.


Jakprints HQ - We’ll be outside on the “courtyard” there’s an overhang to protect a little from the weather but mostly we’re hoping it doesn’t rain. Currently, the forecast looks like if it’s going to rain it will be in the afternoon.

The offices are at: 3133 Chester Ave.

Photography: Kyle Kresge

Videography: John Jurko

Breakfast: Christina (Baked)

Coffee: Hilary (Phoenix)

Day of Social Media : Kate Eidam

Featured Music: Josh Voland

Check-in: Emily, ____? _____?

Chairs: Thomas

PA: Thomas

Projector: Nadia Bennet (Jakprints)

See you Friday!

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