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For Now and A While

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

I know I said no more CreativeMornings till 2021 but I couldn’t quite keep away. Last month the theme was RADICAL and I set up a chat with Katie Spotz, the endurance athlete from Mentor Ohio who rowed across the Atlantic ocean, (among a ton of other outrageous FEATS OF STRENGTH… happy Festivus btw) - I’m considering the resulting video an “asynchronous” CreativeMornings. Please weigh in and tell me what you think. The global mandate is that all CreativeMornings in-person events are on hold until June. I am not planning to do more virtual events. But if people like this async version, I’ll keep organizing talks, recording, and sending them your way.

My apologies that this edition of mailbox words is all housekeeping and no pun making, but it’s a busy day and there's lots to say.

1. Greyt Culture has a website now.

2. Katie Spotz NEW talk on CreativeMornings >

3. If we’re going to make more things next year I need help - forms on the website for speaker nominations.

4. The Really Big News is this... GREYT OUTDOOR CONCERTS

About a dozen people joined together to film something I’m immensely proud of and proud to share with you. The pilot episode of a new concert series: Greyt Outdoor Concerts are 15-20 minute live musical performances filmed with no audience in epic natural landscapes.

The goal of this new series is to support organizations working to preserve public lands and provide a visually and sonically breath-taking platform for artists to perform while we all continue to keep our distance. For this pilot episode, we’ve partnered with Western Reserve Land Conservancy, which is the organization responsible for much of the work that’s lead to our robust park system that makes Northeast Ohio such a great place to live.

I know this sounds like a politico talk - I’m serious though, think about enduring this pandemic without having our park spaces to escape to. It’s made me so grateful again and again this past year, and I want to take as much time as I can to make sure that we keep these places forever and ever.

The performance from Cassidy King, a young artist from Madison - is incredible. Enjoy this moment with her, it's special to watch a rising star, and that’s what we’re seeing here.

The whole team on Greyt Outdoor brought this to life in an extraordinary way. Keith, Aaron, Brett, Dave, Sam, Nicole, Samuel, Tyler, and Cassidy.


Please enjoy this concert and the new CreativeMornings talk. Like and subscribe to the Youtube channel and if you enjoy it share with just one person.

Merry n’ Happy, and Love to you all.

-T Fox

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