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Hard. Time. People.

1. 2. 3. 4. Hey. Hard. Time. People.

Whatever happened in the murder hornets story? There was a succession of months in 2020 when everyone was talking about new biblical-level catastrophes every 30-40 days.

How are we doing now? It’s different… sorta. I looked around the cafe where I was working yesterday and over half a dozen people were plugged into full-screen video. Constant “Custom Video Content” fed to eyes and ears - That’s normal now. I think we’re still struggling… at least I am.

Am I, are we, not supposed to say that out loud? Somebody told me that Taylor Swift got married or is otherwise in a happy committed relationship, and consequentially her newest music isn’t very good. Ooof. There’s a lot there. First of all, I don’t know if this is true - I’m not gonna google it - I’m kinda glad I don’t know what’s going on in a celebrity’s personal life.

The presumption is that the intensity of emotion visible in someone’s art, the quality of their work, is negatively affected by their personal happiness. That sucks. I don’t believe that assumption is fair or fully true. I also don’t believe that being married or in a committed relationship necessarily means happiness, but that’s a different conversation.

The conversation is about how we can believe that an artist’s best work, a person’s defining moments come from places of difficulty, but then deny feeling that difficulty when it comes up in ourselves. There’s a line between toxic negativity and toxic positivity that’s not toxic at all, it’s quite the opposite.

It’s called coffee, and it’s included in Greyt Big Talk. Grab a cup and meet some other hard-time people. We’ll be filming at Nuevo, behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, overlooking Northcoast Harbor. This month's featured speaker is a long-time pillar of Cleveland media, Denise Polverine. She’s the current publisher of Cleveland Magazine, the most iconic brand profiling and uplifting people from the city on the Cuyahoga.

Welcome to our newest members, Sara Franks, John Johnson, Michelle Loufman, Thomas Wasinsiki, and Cathy Spicer. THANK YOU. Our members help us make this program grow bigger and better.

See you there,


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Friday, MARCH 24th 8:30-10:00 am


Nuevo Mexican Cuisine

Nuevo, 1000 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA

Ft. Denise

Publisher, Cleveland Magazine

General Registration: Sign Up

Music Ft. Toby Breakfast: Nuevo Designer: (Sign up) Pitches: Josh Maxwell, Allison, Lukascy-Love, Madison Riddell, Sean Freeman, (Sign up)

Photography: Willam Aiken

Video: Korey Smerk

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