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Hot Sandwich & A Beer

In the days leading up to Christmas, I wondered if Santa Claus was real. It seemed possible. Last year on Christmas Eve there was that sound on the roof, a thud, ya know? What was that? I asked my brother Stephen if he heard it, but he just grumbled to go back to sleep. Yea, probably just a bunch of snow falling in a clump off a tree branch. If he’s magic though… what are his limitations? Why does he have to travel at all to get those presents here? I almost don’t care. Maybe it’s just my parents, they’re very secretive and think I don’t notice - either way when I wake up I will have time traveled to a house full of presents, toys, candy, as much as I could want or hope for - it’s the best day of the year. If only I could FALL ASLEEP so it could get here faster. This excerpt from my childhood memory, eyes wide open laying in bed at maybe 6 years old, still makes me believe in magic. There’s a lot, I mean a lot, that was passed into children’s imaginations from Clement Clarke Moore’s famous poem (disputed credit since the story of Santa Claus was already an urban legend by the 1820s). The wonder is real though. The experience of opening your eyes and having joy explode through your body like a firework is very real. You wanna tell me that’s not magic? To describe how much I enjoy the breakfast talks, rooftop dancing, nature music films: they evoke a familiar child-like mystical anticipation every time. We're making plans for more, even bigger and better in 2023. You’ll likely get another message from me soon asking to become a greyt culture member (please join in and help make these things happen!), sponsor, or help me find the most fascinating people for us to have coffee with next year — with our powers combined, It will be incredible!!! (Too much?) This month we have two greyt events. Justin Reynolds is a youth fiction author with an incredible story - he’ll be on Greyt Big Talk Friday the 16th at the brand new Hough library speaking to the somewhat-seasonal theme IMAGINATION. There’s also a brand new event, Monday before Christmas nearly 50 Cleveland area musicians are singing and playing Songs for the Season at Forest City Brewing and raising some money for a charity that brings hot meals, clothing, and emergency services to those most in need in our community. Both of these events have FREE tickets available to them. Help us sell them out by sharing the links with friends, colleagues, a bartender, an internet crush… only nice people though, no non-nice people - if possible make sure they don’t find out. Links below - please share them and invite others to attend, reply to let me know if you'd like to make a pitch or help out. If I don’t see you, have a very happy holiday season and a blessed New Year. -T Fox

Friday, Dec 16th

Ft. National Best Selling YA Author, Justin Reynolds At. Cleveland Public Library, Hough Branch

Music Ft. pending Breakfast: ?? Designer: Kenzie Silar Pitches: Amy Rosenbluth, Edward Sajovic, ??, ??, ??

Monday, Dec 19th

Songs For The Season At. Forest City Brewing Ft. Thomas Fox · Mikey Silas · Chayla Hope · Moises Borges · Cara DeChurch · Toobe Fresco · Bri Bryant · Jon Bryant · Gabriella Kreuz · Jake Briggs · Lauren Lanzaretta · Nathan Hedges · Joel Negus · Toby Raps · The Jordans (Laird & Jurbz) · Garret Zimmerman · Patrick Walker · Elijah Bisbee · Autumn Traub · Kahrin · Tori · Wave Magnetik · Rowanna Attalah · Rob Kovacs · Dave Douglas · David Moss · Others

______________________________________________________ T.Fox GREYT CULTURE // Greyt Letters Archive // About the Letter: This monthly(ish) email goes to GREYT event participants and partners, and others I would like to be aware of the contents of upcoming programs. Event details listed here are subject to change based on input back from recipients. Confirmed event details will always be listed through - recipients are added and removed periodically at my discretion. If you would like to be a permanent recipient or removed from GREYT emails, reply and I will comply with kindness. Thanks for reading.]

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