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Hi Everybody,

Hope you’ve had a great weekend! This is just a reminder of everything set for #CMCLE this month. We had to change a lot of things last minute but it’s going to be really great (Thanks to Caitie Moore at Transformer Station)

All the details are below. If you’re listed please confirm you’re able to come or let me know if you’d like to be added someplace on the list.

Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya!


June 16th 2017 - SURVIVAL

SPEAKER: Stephanie Sheldon (Cleveland Flea)

VENUE: The Transformer Station - 1460 West 29th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Volunteer Arrival Time: 7:30am

General Event Time: 8:30am

Presentation Time: 9:00am

Photography: Katie Dike, Pickled Pin-Up

Videography: Jay Hovanec, Digital FX

Breakfast: Shawnda Moye, Southern Sweets

Coffee: Phoenix, Shane Hinde & Chantal Pettegrew

Day of Social Media: Kate Eidam

Check-in: Joon-Li, Farin

General Setup (posters/signs/etc): ??

PA: Thomas

Featured Designer: Brent Boyd

Featured Musician: none.

Going Up 30 Second Pitch 1: Leslie Bednar

Going Up 30 Second Pitch 2: Beck Center

Program Design: Jessica Will

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