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Moderate +TechTalk

Panel Application Information:

+Tech Talk is a recorded panel conversation series moderated by industry-leading technology experts during Greyt Culture's Golden Hour Concert Series.  The conversations highlight the landscape of technology in Cleveland, Ohio, bringing together visionaries, disruptors, and pioneers at the forefront of our culture. 

You'd like to moderate +TechTalk?

+TechTalk is a unique platform sitting somewhere between an industry conference and a podcast recording.  Each +TechTalk is recorded in a live event environment and guest moderated by presenters chosen by Greyt Culture. The Greyt Culture team meticulously selects conversation topics, speakers and moderators who are at the forefront of innovation in their respective fields. The unique blend of urban energy, cultural richness, and the spirit of innovation creates a dynamic environment that can amplify niche topics into a broader awareness. 

What We Need to Know: 

  1. About You:  
    Tell us about you, what you are passionate about, what you are working toward, and why you'd like to moderate a +TechTalk. Moderators are often industry-leading experts, but sometimes the best moderators for a topic are those with very little experience and can help shed perspective in a way that helps people understand disparate concepts.


  2. Panel Title & Topic:
    Name the conversation.  Share what you'd like to talk about with a brief description of the topic and give the conversation a name. Greyt Culture will work with selected moderators to create a final name and talk description. Moderators should not feel they need to have this piece perfect before applying, just enough for our team to understand the topic. 

  3. Possible Panelists:
    Every talk will feature between 1 to 3 guest speakers in addition to the guest moderator.  The speakers do not need to be confirmed before submitting this moderator request. In many cases Greyt Culture will support outreach for speaker invitations as needed to help moderators in building their panels.  


Apply To Moderate 

Thanks for submitting!

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