Alex Sheen

Hello Everyone that helps/has helped make CreativeMornings happen - I’m very late to the game in getting details to everyone this month… but the wait is worth it! I think. You can be the judge. Check out everything below. To honor the global theme of Commitment, the local non-profit Founder/Leader of "Because I Said I Would" is going to be the featured presenter. AND I was recently able to connect with Downie Photo who have graciously agreed to host this party! Their studio is ridiculously beautiful and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

Registration opens MONDAY. If you’d like to share/invite people to come all the links are below. If there’s something you’d like to make happen at CM that’s not… I can’t help make it happen unless you tell me! Please tell me, I would like to help. Also, It’s getting to be summertime and I think I’m going to put together some sort of mid-year update for everyone so you know what plans are looking like for the rest of the year and can contribute as you like. sound cool?

I hope you’re all enjoying your respective work/life adventures - look forward to catching up with you all soon.

with love,

T Fox


SPEAKER: Alex Sheen, Because I said I would VENUE: Downie Photo - CM REGISTRATION PAGE: FACEBOOK Listing: (ashare as you like) EXPECTED GUESTS: 150 PARKING: Free Parking, Street Parking surrounding the studio BREAKFAST: Shawnda, let me know whatever details you’d like me to share! PHOTOGRAPHY: Dan? Let me know if you can come! VIDEOGRAPHY: Video Team! Sam, Shannon, Jay? MUSIC FEATURE: Not sure yet. QUOTE DESIGNER: Robert Gatewood SOCIAL MEDIA TWITTER: Kate? SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM: Alexis? ESPRESSO PITCH: Alex from CoffeeQ WAKE UP CALL: David Moss+Big Julz and the Front Porch Posse - THIS GETS BETTER AND BETTER EVERY MONTH! If you haven’t sat down for the podcast please do. PRINT MATERIAL: I’m getting these files together for Jakprints CHECK IN: This is almost always Joon-Li, Anybody wanna keep her company at the front welcome desk!?!? AV: Using my PA and the portable projector this month SETUP: Will be setting up chairs, tables and PA next Thursday. If anyone else would like to come and lend a hand just shoot me a note/text something and come! I could really use your help.

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