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Big Team Update

Hey Everybody,

I’ve included way more people than normal on this monthly update BECAUSE with the summer coming to a close we’re planning for our ONE AND ONLY annual evening CreativeMornings event, The Speaker Nomination Party, which with some of your help should be much different than it’s been in the past. I made a video to tell you about it and listed some questions I need YOUR input on below.

Video Explaining Nomination Party :

Some clarifications on these questions in the video. Please reply and answer if/as much as you like.

1. What day should this be held? Thursday 10/26 or Friday 10/27 (6-9pm either day)

2. Where should the party be held? Looking to accommodate ~100, Food / Beverage Sponsorship availability will likely be the determining factor of where we go

3. Should we keep the same price point? $35 6-9pm includes open bar, apps, likely live music, some typical CreativeMornings fun

4. Should we give the party a name? I’ve included some options in the video to call this something other than “Nomination Party” - looking for input!

5. Can we create bios of past nominees to have at the event? I need help researching these people so at the event we can provide information about who we should invite to speak instead of generating larger unmanageable lists, looking to make it easier for people to participate -

6. Revealing the themes. A proposed event schedule includes presenting themes by our team, see video for explanation. Let me know if you’d like to present a theme at the nomination party -

7. (not mentioned in video) Nadia (From Jakprints) is organizing a silent auction as a fundraiser and if there’s something or someone that you think should have a contribution for that let me or Nadia know!


This month’s regular event is below If you’re listed below or would like to fill a question mark please reply to confirm or let me know! Also if there’s something I’ve missed here or if you have any questions/suggestions please let me know, thanks!

SPEAKER: Mano Singham, Case Western Reserve VENUE: Eastman Reading Garden, Cleveland Public Library - 325 Superior Ave. Photography: ?? Videography: Jay Hovanec, Digital FX Media Food: Shawnda Coffee: Chantal Quotecard Design: Arts Inspired Learning Day of Social Media: Kate? Check-in: ? Signs / General Setup: ? PA: Thomas Projector: CPL Chairs: CPL ______________________________

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