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Hey all,

Registration just opened for this month’s CreativeMornings and I think it’ll fill up since it’s in a small space but if you’d like to share the news here are the links.

We’re in Larchmere for the first time ever in a very cool place (thanks to Matt Moore for the recommendation) - Loganberry Books. There’s easily accessible parking through out the neighborhood.

If you can make it please reply and let me know! - Here are some things going on:

- Matt Bott will be performing a music feature

- Hattie Kotz has designed a QuoteCard

- Courtenay Knerem is giving an espresso shot pitch (and possibly trying out a live stream of the event)

- for Shawnda and Chantal, We should anticipate ~80 guests - Looking forward to finding out what you’re preparing as always!

I’m setting up as much as I can Thursday evening so things should go smoothly on Friday morning :-)

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