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High Proof Water at North Coast Harbor

Happy summer everybody. There’s big news in today’s letter, and I’ll get to that, but I’d be remiss not to take a moment, on such a special occasion, to share some of the emotions under the hood of this party called GOLDEN HOUR and its manifestation on the downtown Cleveland lakefront in just two weeks. (Registration)

Let’s jump right in. A few months ago I sat down for coffee on the corner of 9th and Carnegie with John Stursa, founder of a media company called IMFROMCLEVELAND. We talked about creativity, the city, the 90s, hip-hop, and things that grind our gears. Often when I meet with artists the idea of introversion comes up and how internal doubt plays a role in what we create or don’t create - John phrased it to me that “some people just don’t believe they belong in the room.” I have to agree, I've witnessed this to be true so much it hurts. On a separate occasion (the one pictured above) I was making plans with Pauly for Golden Hour, in the summer of 2022 - “How do we create more open doors?” He asked. Something that I translated to mean, how do we create more trust and willingness to collaborate across people and organizations in Cleveland? At the time I felt the question was way too serious and not something I could answer, or even wanted to answer. I wanted to call artists and creative people I loved and admired to come share music and enjoy a beautiful summer night with friends, that's it - not explore metaphors of doors and rooms I had little, if any control over - After some time, I think I’ve decided that John’s answer is my favorite fit to Paul’s question. We can't open other people’s doors, we can only decide whether or not to open our own. If you believe you belong in the room (the rooftop, or the park), let that be your proof. Come on by for some time in the best light.


This month’s Golden Hour features more cross-industry collaboration than we’ve ever seen

Downtown Cleveland Lakefront:

George Voinovich Park is a City of Cleveland Owned and managed Property, in the heart of downtown. It’s one of the most iconic spaces in the city, thanks to our city partners for making this happen.

Musical guests:


EV - Internationally touring electronic artist for the Twilight DJ set.

Apostle Jones - blues soul supergroup based in Cleveland playing first.

The +TechTalk will be moderated by Jing Lyon of Brite Energy Innovators, discussing new developments in transit with two local electric vehicle startups, Sway Mobility, Share Mobility, and the Greater Cleveland RTA General Manager, India Birdsong Terry.

Dinner will be served - the bbq pit from Farmer’s Feast, The Mobius Foods team, Vegan Vybez. And dessert from other Cleveland food startups.

Original Cleveland Fashion Designers will have clothing up for sale thanks to support from our friends at The Fashion Talks: Cierra Boyd, Hollingsworth Sole, Whiskey Grade, Bohanon & Co, Olivia Grandis, Sweet Nothings Boutique, and more.

The bar by the team at Greyt Culture is supported by Watershed Distillery from Columbus and Three Chord Bourbon from Western New York State.

And special thanks to IMFROMCLEVELAND, Assembly For The Arts, Zorro Capital, Northish, Banzai Sound, and the Greater Cleveland Partnership.


Want to help spread the word about Golden Hour?

There’s room for 4,000 guests to join us this month. If you’d like to support our efforts to connect creative communities in Cleveland - include an image/blurb from below and ticket link in your newsletter or social media.

For group ticket buys and discounts get in touch with us at

A Downtown Cleveland Lakefront Music Festival GOLDEN HOUR For Cleveland Arts & Entrepreneurs Communities - Friday July 21st at North Coast Harbor

The Cleveland-based Arts Collaborative, GREYT CULTURE has hosted 12 consecutive sold-out GOLDEN HOUR SUNSET CONCERTS, and on Friday, July 21st, the arts and entrepreneur communities of Cleveland are invited to participate in the largest concert to date, featuring TWO FEET, EV, and Apostle Jones at The North Coast Harbor, George Voinovich Park. Advance Registration is $25 and $35 Week of Show - Tickets and Registration:


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