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In The Gardens

Greetings good people of CreativeMornings. Before the weekend sets in and the sun wreaks havoc on my ginger skin (again) and the basketball, basketball omg basketball (I do hope we win tonight) yet still more talk about basketball… I wanted to be in touch about plans for NEXT week. This is all announced already and you mostly know, but some things are unusual and I thought you should know.

Here it goes… This month we are in a PRIVATE space. (Thank you Hattie for introducing me to Paul) This is the backyard of a bunch of row houses in Ohio City. It satisfies several of my favorite venue qualities… like, it’s gorgeous, and the owner (Paul Meeker) is present and enthusiastic for us to be there. There are not chairs so I’ll be renting chairs again and bringing all of the Audio Visual Arsenal I have available, but I’m certain this will be great! If it doesn’t rain. If it does rain it’ll still be great and we’ll get cozy inside. Items in Red could use a response. LIST OF IMPORTANT THINGS! EVENT DATE: Friday 6/15 SPEAKER: Jill Vedaa - Chef of Salt Restaurant in Lakewood. Long time Clevelander who has grown through the ranks of our local culinary community and recently nominated as a James Beard Best Chef in the Midwest. VENUE: PRIVATE - The “French Gardens” is an unofficial name for the back yard of these Private Residential Row Houses ADDRESS: 4207 Clinton Ave. Cleveland, OH 44113 CAPACITY: Planning to have registration open for 100-125 PARKING: LOTS of free available street parking throughout the neighborhood. Hattie, if there’s something else I should communicate to general attendees please let me know? SETUP: Hoping Thursday Evening, Need to confirm time/availability with Paul. If anyone would like to help set up chairs please hit me up! Promo things: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: Please share/invite friends as you like. BREAKFAST: Shawnda, Amira, and ??? COFFEE: Glory be to Phoenix Coffee PHOTOS: Katie Dike!?!? VIDEO: Sam & Shannon! Jay Shooting Aerial Drone Footage!? MUSIC FEATURE: The Katy Band! QUOTE DESIGNER: Amanda Nugent QUOTE DESIGNER ON DECK: TBD ESPRESSO PITCH: Jim Ridge CHECKIN: ??? AV: Me PROGRAM SETUP: Jessica Will PRINTING PICKUP: Jessica Will _________________ That’s all for this month, but here are some other things happening… - CreativeMornings is Insured! It’s been a long time but I bought insurance to cover if someone were to slip and fall or any other random accident at CM. Since CM is a completely cash free program right now I’ve been covering incidental things like this and rentals, out of pocket. - Kate and I have been looking into options for applying for grants. I’m not sure if this will work out but I’m considering again ways to bring money into CM instead of making this happen strictly in-kind (encouraged by a growing expense list) - I’ve been looking for a local Bank to sponsor our espresso pitch segment and maybe raise some cash that way. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. - Summer BBQ at Edgewater??? If you haven’t been to Shawnda’s BBQ nights you should. They are Saturday’s at Cleveland Bagel Co. We’re also going to do a Pot luck style BBQ afternoon in July at Edgewater. I’ll send out more info on this soon… This will be for CM volunteers and Friends (Everyone on this list + anybody you’d like to bring), I’ll get a bunch of main entree menu items and with Shawnda’s handiwork it will become quite delicious food. Other items would be, well potluck. We’re still picking a date and confirming some things so stay tuned and shoot me a note if you would be interested in joining this party party. - Summer Camp with the Global CM Community is the last week of August in Upstate NY. It’s literally Adult Summer Camp like Wet Hot American Summer + Seth Godin giving a keynote. Who is registered to go? Love, T Fox

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