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Hi everybody - CreativeMornings is this week, and this month’s superstar is Martha Loughridge for arranging a very, very nice venue for us: The theatre/auditorium in Lutheran hospital. It comes equipped with more amenities than I know what to do with, like rows of fine upholstered seating, an in house PA, lights that set the mood... and free parking! Thank you, Martha! I’d also like to welcome two other newcomers to this team email, Helena Bondar and Amaka Uwagba who are lending a hand on the Speaker Bios for Nomination Night in October. More on that below. The speaker, Pat Walker, you may have met at past events - He ran an interior design products firm for 30 years and now does consulting work in his retirement to help artists and entrepreneurs. I don’t know that he’s very well known but I’m a big fan of him and know this is likely to be an exceptional talk. Details below for this event. There are also many updates on Nomination Night, which you can read on Slack To comment, sign up for our team here and chime in! _____________________________________ THIS MONTH If you’re listed below or would like to fill a question mark please reply to confirm or let me know! CreativeMornings: Facebook RSVP: I will arrive at 7:00am for set up as always. If you’re helping with anything below please arrive by 8:00am. SPEAKER: Patrick Walker, Northish VENUE: Castele Learning Center, Lutheran Hospital. 1703 W 25th St. Cleveland OH 44113. - FREE PARKING - Photography: Katie? Videography: Jay Hovanec, Digital FX Media Food: Shawnda Coffee: Chantal Quotecard Design: Ryan Upp (Arts Inspired Learning) Day of Social Media: Kate? Check-in: ? Signs / General Setup: ?

AV: Lutheran Hospital


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