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Under The Giant Hand

Hey guys - I think this is the first time a speaker had to cancel their attendance at CreativeMornings after it was announced, certainly after registration opened. Grafton is a very interesting guy and has some great history in film producing and arts fundraising, I was really looking forward to hearing a presentation from him but learned earlier this week that he had a personal health-related conflict, and will be undergoing a medical procedure tomorrow. He’ll be ok but this is really all the more I should say with respect for his privacy.

Megan Reich is the deputy director of Moca and agreed to step in in his place. Megan was among the very first people in town to get behind CreativeMornings (along with Chris at Phoenix, and Kate Eidam who as you all know is still helping out now almost 4 years later) - To me, Megan’s an unsung champion of the arts community here, brilliant strategist, thinker, and likely to give a really insightful talk for everyone, even on short notice.

I’m VERY Grateful to Angie Hetrick who has arranged for CM to pop up on Toby’s Plaza under the massive hand sculpture installed for Front. In the event of rain (which we should be fine) she’s also arranged for Moca to open their doors lest we get soggy in the plaza.

All the deats below, let me know if anybody has questions and if you can make it!

- T Fox

Items in Red could use a response.

EVENT DATE: Friday 7/20 SPEAKER: Megan Reich VENUE: Toby’s Plaza ADDRESS: 11400 Euclid Ave. CAPACITY: Basically unlimited. Registration is open for 200, 145 currently registered. PARKING: 1Parking in University Circle is generally not free, but it is plentiful and if you arrive early you may be able to get street parking. > SETUP: Could use 2-3 sets of hands to set up tables and chairs at 7:45 Promo things: WEBSITE: (I couldn’t reset the slug, it would break links :-/ FACEBOOK: Please share/invite friends as you like. BREAKFAST: Shawnda COFFEE: Chantal Chantal Chantal PHOTOS: Katie Dike VIDEO: Jay + Skeleton Stewdios (if they can make it) MUSIC FEATURE: Conor Standish ESPRESSO PITCH: -- CHECKIN: ??? AV: Vertical Sound PROGRAM SETUP: Jessica Will PRINTING PICKUP: Jessica Will _________________

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